Brian Williams the now disgraced NBC news anchor who admitted this week to lying for a dozen years about getting shot at in combat has been forced to step down. That is how the story should read but sadly Williams despite lying about (in effect) being a combat hero remains at work.

NBC is the top rated news network and Williams is not just the anchor of it’s flagship program he is in charge of the entire news department.

Williams has claimed for a dozen years that his Chinook helicopter was hit and ‘crippled’ by enemy fire in Iraq in 2003. He added his team had to struggle to survive on the ground through sandstorms and other challenges. Earlier this week he apologized and said his helicopter was not hit and that he was actually following the ones that took fire. Not even that is true. In fact Williams and his entire team were headed the other direction- to Kuwait and only heard about the attack over the radio.

There is no question he should be fired immediately and NBC should apologize for the entire incident.

I doubt any of that will happen and that is a disgrace!