This may surprise some on the left and encourage others on the right.  A new statewide poll conducted January 4th through 6th, 2022 of 800 general election voters via telephone was conducted by ARW Strategies found that Chief James Craig, a Republican candidate for governor is tied with Governor Whitmer.

Chief Craig received support from 46.1% of the respondents with Governor Whitmer receiving 46% support from the respondents.

Also, according to the poll, Whitmer received a 42% favorable rating and a 54% unfavorable rating with the all-important Independents.  That means she is underwater with Independents by 12%.  Chief Craig received a 28% favorable and 18% unfavorable rating with Independents.  That gives him a plus 11% positive rating among those Independents. It also shows that Chief Craig needs to reach out to the Independents and explain his policies to increase that favorability number.

It is interesting to note that I reported yesterday that according to a new WDIV and Detroit News poll they found that only 40% of likely voters want to see Governor Whitmer elected again.  Along with that, the same poll found that 48% of Michiganders believe that Whitmer is driving our state down the wrong track.  Both of those numbers are a snapshot in time but do point to a rocky road that Whitmer is driving her jalopy down.

I ask the question what has Whitmer done to even give her 46% of the vote?

I asked Chief Craig's his thoughts on the poll and he stated:

"This poll demonstrates that the people of Michigan want new leadership in Lansing.  Our positive message is resonating, and we will continue to lead from the front to improve the lives of all Michiganders."

Picture provided by the Craig Campaign
Picture provided by the Craig Campaign

Chief Craig will be on my show today at 9:30 am.  Please join us for the first interview with the Chief since this new poll has been released.  Let us find out his thoughts on this poll and his race.  If you cannot listen live please listen via my podcast.

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