This middle school is under fire because of a mural.

The mural is under examination not because of the school, but because of the parents.

According to WZZM-13, Evelyn Gonzales, a Grant High School student, painted a mural and it has caused an uproar among parents.

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The parents are upset because of the mural shows LGBTQIA+ people and the transgender flag on a person's shirt.


These parents believed these images are "witchcraft" and should not be shown to their children as they walk into their school.

Evelyn Gonzales told WZZM-13 that she got the inspiration for the mural from a video game. Similarly, the symbol that parents deem as "witchcraft" is used in Hispanic cultures as a sign of protection.

Please explain how a sign of protection is witchcraft. I'll wait.


Parents of middle schoolers are saying that the depiction of a transgender flag is against their and the school's Christian beliefs.

Due to the backlash against the mural, Michiganders on Facebook and other social media platforms are sounding off.

Alan may be on to something with this comment.

This mural is very nice. Christians need to calm down. Not everyone is brainwashed. This girl should get an award for this painting she did a wonderful job.

Matt made a great point on social media as well.

Representation of people that don't look like you isn't a sickness, it isn't 'satanic,' and it isn't 'witchcraft,' whatever that even means after the 1600s. Get a life, people.

Since the idea of the mural is to showcase the idea of inclusivity. I have a few ideas for the mural that are inclusive like the use of a video game character.


As Michiganders themselves, KISS should be showcased on this mural as well.

It is deemed as inclusive because you have to hit all of the music genres that the students and facility may enjoy.

The Sanderson Sisters

Since they are frightened by "witchcraft", let's add actual fictional witches onto the mural.

The Sanderson Sisters are all the rage right now with the release of Hocus Pocus 2.

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