There's an old 1827 survey marker somewhere on Bois Blanc Island in Lake Huron. It's difficult to find, and very few people know about it. Well, now you will.

Lucius Lyon, born in Vermont in 1800, was the 1st person from Michigan to become a senator and House Representative.

When he was 18, he studied surveying and eventually moved to Detroit in 1821. Once here, he worked as a teacher and surveyor and became Deputy Surveyor General of the Michigan Territory.

While in his 20s, he spent his summers surveying Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. In 1827, Lucius was only 27 years old when he traipsed through the thick forests of Bois Blanc Island's McRae Bay peninsula. Reaching a certain point, high overlooking Lake Huron, he placed a granite survey marker with the initials “US LHE”. The initials' meaning is known to few, but it's puzzled others. They stand for “United States LightHouse Establishment”.

The fact that Lucius took the time to even visit Bois Blanc is a pretty rare thing.

An extremely few people know about this, let alone take the time to even try and find it. But those who do, it's very rewarding when you finally find it after making your way through trees, bushes, bugs, weeds, numerous snakes, unseen holes, and pine needles.

Lucius went on to become one of the platters of Grand Rapids, and originally wanted to call that city “Kent”.

He passed away in 1851 and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Detroit.

Below are photos from one man's journey through Bois Blanc's forests to find this elusive survey marker...take a look!




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