Everybody loves the U.S. Navy’s fighter demonstration team the Blue Angels, don’t they?

Well apparently not everyone, and you will be surprised about who the group that is trying to get them thrown out of the Traverse City National Cherry Festival is.

That group is Veterans, in fact the Northern Michigan Veterans for Peace.

The Traverse City Record Eagle is reporting that the Northern Michigan Veterans for Peace do not want the air show at the Traverse City Cherry Festival.


Their Chapter President says their jets cause problems for vet’s with PTSD, pollution, they waste taxpayer money, are too loud, scare children, scare old people and animals, oh yeah, and they smell bad too (I added that last part).

He also was quoted in the article saying:

These are instruments of war and have no place at the Cherry Festival

Wait, they are veterans right?  Were they not instruments of war?  Should they also be banned from the Cherry Festival?  Should all veterans, due to the fact that they were instruments of war, be banned from the Traverse City Cherry Festival?

On the flip side, the Grand Traverse Area Veteran Coalition does support the Blue Angels and their appearance at the Cherry Festival.

I am wondering to myself, what else can we protest against?  How about the food that is bad for you, which will in no doubt be served at the festival this year?  An average piece of cherry pie has 390 calories, 16.5 grams of fat and 21.44 grams of sugar.  Now I am guessing that no one in Traverse City and the Cherry Festival will think their cherry pie is average, so there could be upwards of 600 calories in each slice with say, 24 grams of fat and 30 grams of sugar.

Ladies and gentlemen, the evidence is clear. Cherry pie is bad for you and probably should be banned from the Traverse City National Cherry Festival.

Would you agree?


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