You know the birds work for bourgeoisie, right?

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No, but seriously, have you noticed an influx of birds near the South Lansing Area? If you have, you're not alone in seeing these flying creatures.

What Are The BIrds Being Seen In The Area

I've also seen a vast majority of birds as well in this area but didn't think too much of it. As one does first thing in the morning, I jumped on Reddit and noticed a question being posed to the Southsiders of Lansing.

The question was, has anyone noticed an influx of birds.

Some have seen an influx of what they believe to be crows, while some believe that they are starlings.

Why Are There So Many Together At A Time?

If you're seeing the birds in the area, and there seems to be a lot, there is sort of a reason behind that.

As most creatures do, especially in cooler climates, you'll see these birds travel in bigger numbers, as a sort of safety in numbers deal.

Have you seen the birds? Or, do you believe the birds are just spies sent to watch us by the government? Open the station app and let us know where you've seen a majority of the birds. Send us some pics too in the station app chat.

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