On Tuesday SB 934, was passed by the House of Representatives.  The bill will increase the minimum wage in Michigan to $9.25 an hour by 2018.  This is a 25 percent increase over the state's current minimum wage, $7.40 an hour. At the beginning of 2019, the minimum wage will increase with the rate of inflation up to 3.5 percent per year.

Jeff Irwin, State Representative D-Ann Arbor joined Steve Gruber and Jo Anne Paul this morning on the Steve Gruber Show to discuss the increase.

Representative Irwin explains how the increase will take place:

There was proposed legislation that the minimum wage be increased to $10.10 an hour, Representative Irwin commented on this not making it to the ballot.

State Representative Rudy Hobbs, D-Southfield joined Steve and Jo Anne as well, stating that this was a win for democrats.

Are you happy about the minimum wage increase?  Is this good or bad for the Michigan economy?