It's something that I haven't done in a long while now, but I've been itching to get back on a bike and take on the trails that Michigan has to offer.

Photo by Florian Kurrasch on Unsplash
Photo by Florian Kurrasch on Unsplash

If you head north to Michigan. Biking is just the way of things the further north you go, especially in the summer months.

Biking Mackinac Island is one thing. But could you do the entire Upper Peninsula?

Bike Around Michigans Northern Penninsula

If you're thinking its crazy to bike around the entire northern peninsula of Michigan, it could be, but it's actually been done before!

Over 1600 miles worth of it!

A couple of friends actually rode their bikes around the circumferences of the northern part of the state.

How Long Of A Bike Ride Is The Upper Penninsula?

The ones who posted the content above said it took the bikers on the trip a whopping sixteen days to bike around the entire circumference of Michigan's Northern Penninsula.

In total, Michigan's upper peninsula is a whopping 16,377 miles of area.

Comparison: Biking The Circumference Of Mackinac Island

Riding around the island, compared to the U.P. does have its differences. There's one you probably can do, and one you probably can't do.

Photo by Selena Parker on Unsplash
Photo by Selena Parker on Unsplash

In total, to bike around all of Mackinac Island, it is a good eight or so miles. Far less than the good 1,600 miles it takes to go all around the northern peninsula of Michigan.

Go grab your bike, and hit the trails... or Northern Michigan.

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