A mystery now in its 13th day could soon be coming to end.  What is believed to be debris from Malaysian Airline Flight 370 may have been spotted.

Pictures show what appears to be airline debris

The Detroit News is reporting that the search for the plane, or remnants of it, are now centered in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia.  The move after images caught on satellite showed what could be parts of the plane that went missing on a flight from Malaysia to Beijing with 239 people on board, including three Americans.

Among those on board as well, mostly Chinese and Malaysian employees with experience in navigation systems from a company from Austin, Texas.

The report indicates that one of the images seen in the water some 1,500 feet off of Perth is believed to be almost 80 feet in length.  That would be about the size of an aircraft wing.  The other piece is believed to be much smaller, around 15 feet in size.

The search is on in the area by water and air but so far no word of a discovery of the aircraft or confirmation that it was indeed plane parts that were spotted.

Officials say there is still much that is unknown about the plane and its whereabouts.  There has been speculation that it could have been hijacked, shot down by mistake or intentionally, forced to make an emergency landing, or that it crashed.  Most believe it's most likely the plane is in the water somewhere but due to lack of communications and black box information, it's unclear on where to even search.

Those from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority's emergency response division are downplaying the other theories focusing now on the deep Indian Ocean to provide a final resolution to the mystery that has mesmerized those around the world.  "This is a lead, it's probably the best lead we have right now," said John Young, manager of the division.

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