We all know the old saying, "I scream, you scream; we all scream for ice cream!" But there's no need for shouting because one of the best ice creams in the nation can be found right here in the great state of Michigan.

The Award for Best Chocolate Ice Cream Goes to MOO-ville Creamery

According to MLive, Michigan ice creamery MOO-ville Creamery was recently awarded the great honor of having the best chocolate ice cream in the nation! And the honor comes from The North American Ice Cream Association, so you know they mean business.

MOO-ville's chocolate ice cream is so good that it was one of only "four blue-ribbon winners in a category that had 125 entrants," in addition to the fact that it got "the highest score in its category."

So what we're saying here is that MOO-ville's chocolate ice cream is the cream of the crop.

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Chocolate is only one of the award-winning flavors; MOO-ville's vanilla and strawberry ice creams were also awarded red and white ribbons and placed in the top 15 and 10, respectively, during the North American Ice Cream Association's annual "Conecon".

MOO-ville Creamery Offers Some of the Best Ice Cream in the Country

MOO-ville may have some extremely delicious OG flavors, but don't get it twisted...MOO-ville is also very well known for all the crazy unique flavors they come up with too, like this "corn off the cob" flavor below.

And not just ice cream either; MOO-ville produces some excellent milk, butter, egg nog, and more!

If after reading all of that you're hankering for some MOO-ville ice cream, there are a few ways you can satisfy that craving. You can make the trip to Nashville, Michigan and visit the original location. You can head to Eaton Rapids, Michigan and check out the location there. Or, you can stop at one of the many retail locations throughout Lansing that sell MOO-ville products, like Horrock's, Capital City Market, or Scoops in DeWitt. Check out all the locations, here.

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