Those traveling for the holiday beginning today will have some company on the roads. Michigan State Police troopers will be out on the roads as well as part of the annual Operation Combined Accident Reduction Effort...or CARE.  

Additional officers will be on the roads starting today and running through Sunday looking for impaired or aggressive drivers and those in violation of the state's mandatory seat belt law.  The patrols courtesy of federal funding for traffic safety.

The Michigan Department of Transportation will also be displaying safe driving reminders on message boards posted on freeways and at rest areas.  The messages will include information on the number who lost their lives in holiday crashes.

Last year, state police say there were 12 people who died in Thanksgiving Day holiday travel.  They're hoping to reduce those numbers by reminding of the dangers of drunk or drugged driving, careless or erratic driving, road rage, texting-while-driving, speeding and those who fail to buckle-up.

The 5-day campaign is just the latest to try to reduce the state's fatality rate.

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