Speeders beware!   Police are looking for you.

The Memorial Day holiday weekend--the official start of the summer travel season--isn't over until midnight and police say they'll be on the job until then.

The beefed up enforcements in counties across the state are part of the Click it or Ticket Campaign cracking down on those not wearing their seat belt.  Statistics show the number of those in compliance with the primary offense law is down from the all-time high rate of 98% to 93%.

While those from the Michigan State Police say that's not a bad compliance rate, it still means people will die in car accidents in Michigan.  Research shows that passenger restraint devices save lives in crashes more times than not.

Meanwhile, those traveling were enjoying a break from construction projects.  Those iwth the Michigan Department of Transportation suspended most of the construction for the long holiday weekend to allow for easier travel, but the gift is about to come to an end.

Construction barrels will be up and active again Tuesday morning at 6 o'clock.

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