Will Michigan use Red Light cameras to rake in the cash?

Well before they get a chance to do so, the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site is reporting that a Senate Bill would stop them in their tracks.

State Senator Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake has introduced Senate Bill 593, this bill would “ban the use of unmanned traffic monitoring devices to detect or enforce violations related to speed limits, traffic signs, signals, markings and high-occupancy vehicle lanes.”

Sound like a good idea to you?

State Senator Shirkey is quoted in the article stating:

 “I think sometime next year we might just want to officially put a fork in those options and move on. The recent scandals that took place in other states show the true nature of some of these programs, and Michigan drivers have always, thankfully, valued freedom and we've avoided the added stress that cameras and their inaccurate ticketing can present.”

Did you know that apparently these Red Light cameras are not very reliable?

Do you equate the use of Red Light cameras and freedom?

At bit of history, in 2007Attorney General Mike Cox stated that most tickets from Red Light cameras would be invalid.  Only at railroad crossings would tickets-by-camera be allowed under state law.

As reported in the Michigan Cap Con article: Senator Shirkey's bill would also prohibit the Michigan Secretary of State’s office from adding points to a Michigan driver's license based on violations caught on cameras in other states.

Do you believe the use of Red Light cameras deters people from running red lights?

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