Why would someone need a drone to hunt game or hunters?

Who would have thought it would come to this? Well, it has. Bills banning the use of drones to hunt game or harass hunters have been written and recently went to the state house for a final vote yesterday.

There was no opposition to the bills at the committee meeting.

The legislation, Senate Bill 927, is sponsored by Sens. Phil Pavlov, R-St. Clair, and Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba. They were introduced due to concerns from hunters, who saw videos of drones that were used to track elk in Norway and wild pigs in Louisiana. Yes, hunters wanted them.

Drew Youngdyke, grassroots manager for Michigan United Conservation Clubs, told The Detroit News that members believe the use of camera-equipped aerial devices to scout for deer or other game would give hunters an unfair edge. A key element of hunting, he said, is the skills and instincts involved in finding the quarry.

A provision was added to the Michigan House bill to prohibit groups such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) from using remote-controlled devices to harass fishermen.

The Michigan Senate passed the bills 38-0 last September. Wow, that actually sounds bipartisan.

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