Andrew Burton - Getty Images

“Racist cops, KKK who did you kill today?” That was among the more offensive chants in the streets of Baltimore over the past few days. Riots and protests spread in Charm City in the wake of the death of 25 year old Freddie Gray. Gray died from traumatic spinal injuries he suffered while in police custody. Gray died on April 19th one week after being picked up by police.

Friday, Baltimore’s State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby veered off the track of impartial law and order and into the realm of political activism. Mosby leveled very serious charges against all 6 officers involved in Gray’s arrest and subsequent transport in a police paddy wagon to jail. “I hear you call of no justice no peace”, Mosby remarked.

Despite the relentless narrative of racist cops brutalizing black communities in America- 3 of the officers arrested, are- yes you guessed it black. In fact the officer driving the van, charged with second degree murder, the most serious charge of all is black. In fact the three officers facing the most serious charges stemming from Grays death are black. Three white officers while also in serious trouble, face less severe charges overall.

The bottom line is this: this neophyte prosecutor is in way over her head it appears. Nobody returns indictments on a murder case this fast. Not to mention she will have to get inside the cops heads to win convictions. I’m sorry to say but it’s not going to happen. In the end all 6 cops will likely be acquitted- and that means the race merchants will levy a tax on the real victims, the citizens of Baltimore. Sadly I predict that city will burn, much like Los Angeles in 1994.