Audrea Taylor Decker is the Founder and President of im2moro, a youth-led activist organization geared toward getting America's youth re-invested in their country.


Patriotism Gap? A third of young Americans think other countries are better


Steve Gruber: In their own country Audrea welcome to  the program.
Audrea Taylor Decker: Good morning. Thanks for having me.
Steve Gruber:  Good to have you here. Alright. So how old are you?
Audrea Taylor Decker: I'm 24 is just a couple of years out of college. And and I'm tomorrow we work with students on campuses across the country
Steve Gruber: ripe old age of 24 kind of long in the tooth, right? Yeah. So so tell me about working with these in first of all back up. Why did you decide to Take this on. I mean you've got a lot of things you can do your 24 years old. You could do a thousand things. We life you decided to take this on why?
Audrea Taylor Decker: yeah, you know, I realized an early age when I was 15 and when we founded the organization that there's a disconnect in my generation. We have an entire generation that for a long time has been largely politically apathetic Millennials were politically apathetic and it not voting, not engaged, not involved

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