Renk interview Sandy Pensler a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow.  Sandy is running in the Republican primary against John James and Bob Carr.

Renk asked Sandy Pensler to discuss his thoughts about:

President Trump¹s tariffs.

  • Sandy worked his way through Yale University where in just four years he earned a B.A. in Chemical Engineering, a B.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Economics ­ receiving high honors in all degrees. Following his graduation, he founded his first business importing sweaters. In a few years he sold the business to help pay for law school. He received his Juris Doctorate, with honors, from Harvard in 1982.While working as a financial advisor Sandy taught several economic courses at Yale. He also taught classes in undergraduate economics while at Harvard.
  • If elected as our next U.S. Senator what would be some of the issues which are most important to him.
  • Which phrase best describes the legitimate (legislative) powers of the federal government?
  1. “expressly delegated”
  2. “few and defined”
  3. “numerous and indefinite”

Where do you stand on border security, are you for a wall or something akin to a wall?

Would you vote for an Obamacare repeal bill and if so what would you like to see in its place?

Sandy answered all those questions and more, please listen to the following interview of Sandy Pensler a candidate for the U.S. Senate:

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