Storms moved through Michigan on Labor Day but now the National Weather Service is confirming what many had suspected--some of the damage caused was due to a tornado.

ABC News is reporting that the twister hit in Otsego County where at least two dozen houses were damaged, including the home of this man.

And Steve Pongracz says it came on pretty quickly, and just like people say, sounded like a train.

A second tornado has now been confirmed to have touched down in northern Kalkaska County, carving a 4-mile path with 100 mile-per-hour winds.  WLNS-TV Meteorologist Jim Geyer is also reporting surveys will be done today on at least two other areas to confirm the possibility of tornados--in northern Crawford and southern Cheboygan counties is also reporting a number of other reports of tornadic activity Monday, including touchdowns in Antrim County  No confirmations yet, though, from the National Weather Service on that.

Tornado warnings were issued as well in Crawford, Montmorency and Cheboygan Counties.

The system, just like with those in the past month, has brought with it dangerous lightning and torrential downpours that created flooding situations and driving hazards for motorists.  Most areas, though, have since been reopened to traffic.

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