Netflix is probably the most popular streaming movie, TV, and features premium website in our TV world. You can find nearly everything you want in one location, for one low monthly price. So what's the problem?

A lot of people are stealing from Netflix.....sort of. Legitimate users have been sharing their passwords with others. If the "others" live in you household, no biggy, but most do not and that is the rub. So, it looks like Netflix is going to be doing something about it.

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According to the website Kare, 11% of subscribers share their passwords with others, and basically that's a no-no, but it's been happening for quite a while.

Last week Netflix announced they were cracking down on password sharing. Uh, oh, will the Password Police be knocking on your door? Will your screen go black and a message pop up "we know what you did?" Not exactly. Netflix says they aren't mad, just disappointed in us. So, to not just hack us off and watch millions cancel subscriptions, they are proposing adding a $3 Extra User Fee. Okay, I feel better,  but, even better news, for now, only Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, will have the extra fee, as a test. I'm thinking here in the United States we're probably not far behind, however.

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Netflix knows they have to do something. Sure they make a boat load of money, but to support all that they do, and stay relevant and competitive in the streaming world of Disney, Amazon, HBO and all the others, they need to grow subscribers and revenue.

So, don't start pulling the shades just yet. But, they're watching us!


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