It is no secret that gas prices are significantly higher than they were last year at this time. According to AAA Gas Prices, Memorial Day travelers will pay the highest gas prices since 2014.

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That being said, does the price of gasoline affect your travel plans for the holiday weekend or in just in general? Obviously we have to have gas in our vehicles to get around locally. Going to work, going to the grocery store, picking up and dropping off kids - you get the point. But, in terms of long distance travel, well that can add up at the pump. Especially for those of you filling the tank of a giant motor home.

What about boat owners? We need gas for boats too. Unfortunately, I do not have my boat in the water yet. Or should I say fortunately? I don't have to worry about putting gas in it this weekend. I will just have to rely on OPB's - other peoples boats.

All kidding aside, I think it sucks if that high gas prices force folks to have to change plans. It's hard to tell your kids that you won't be taking that camping trip after all. Or if you go, they cannot eat (again kidding) because you had to pay over $3 a gallon.

In or out of town, I hope you have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend. I know summer does not officially start until June 20th, but I always consider this weekend the kick off to summer. However, this weekend weather wise will feel more like fall.

Maybe staying home isn't such a bad idea?

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