Apparently four years wasn't enough to get the Affordable Care Act up and running.  President Obama is making yet another change to the controversial healthcare law.

President Obama makes another change to the Affordable Care Act

The deadline for signing up "was" March 31st, but with the stroke of a pen, the President has moved that date to April 15th. He says that will give Americans more time to take advantage of the program.

The move is just the latest by Obama to try to fix his signiture accomplishment which has been plagued by problems from the start.  Many trying to sign on to couldn't even get on the site for weeks, then questions arose as to why the site was so confusing.  Then there were concerns over the security of personal information asked for to sign up for healthcare.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had said a measure of success would be having seven million signed up.  That was revised to six million.  But some question that number.  They say the White House is refusing to give details on just how many signed up and paid for the insurance.  They believe that number is much less than what the administration is leading the public to believe.

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