If you're considering a run for public office, you might want to get on a treadmill.  A new survey finds that the heavier you are, the more votes you could lose.

How you "look" on platform could be as important as the platform itself!

Mlive.com is reporting today the results of a survey by Michigan State University that found the weight you put on your platform, could be just as important as the platform itself.

It looked at data from the research journal Equality, Diversity and Inclusion that found that in 126 primary and general election runs for United States Senate races, size mattered.

The information was from elections held between 2008 and 2012 tracked by Mark and Patricia Roehling--both college professors.

The article said both men and women suffered in vote losses if considered obese, but women were hit more.

It also found that not all elections followed the trend.  Governor John Engler, known for fighting his weight for years, was not only elected but reelected.  He even unseated Democratic Governor Jim Blanchard, who was considered at the time very fit and trim.