For decades the world’s largest gun show the SHOT Show (Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trades) has been held most years in Las Vegas. It is when vendors from all over the world gather to show their wares and the latest in shooting and firearm technology. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, a group dedicated to the shooting industry, puts it on each year. Ironically the NSSF is headquartered in Newtown, Connecticut and had reporters swarming the event after the harrowing slaughter of school kids and teachers there in 2012.

This year will likely be much worse and I wonder if it’s even a good idea to go forward with the show in Las Vegas at all. I say this because it may well play into the lefts narrative and wouldn’t it be better to move the show elsewhere as opposed to having it shut down by your opponents? I would think so but it’s not my call.

I have attended the SHOT Show every year since 1995 except last year when I was still recovering from a traumatic injury. It is a place where you can see and touch the latest in firepower for the military, law enforcement and the hunting world. I have seen President George H.W. Bush on the floor, Oliver North and even Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. It is where outdoor TV celebrities gather to talk to shooting sponsors and where TV news celebrities come to slam the ‘gun-culture’ of America and propagate myths like the ‘gun-show-loophole.’

This year with the massacre of nearly 60 people and the maiming of hundreds more by a lone shooter earlier this month, you can bet anti-gun advocates from organizations like Everytown USA and The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence will be there. There will also be people like my friend John Lott Jr., who has written best selling books like More Guns, Less Crime and more recently The War on Guns. Lott knows full well that the SHOT Show will be a big target for the anti- Second Amendment crowd this year. He also knows his side of the debate will not get anywhere near equal billing in the conversation. I would even suspect that some of the nations news networks will set up camp in Las Vegas in January for the festivities. I would not be surprised if America’s newest political pundit and left wing activist Jimmy Kimmel will be right there at the show sobbing uncontrollably and blabbering at the thought that anyone has a gun at all.

You see, when tens of thousands of gun manufacturers descend on Sin City for the four day SHOT Show beginning on January 23, 2018, they will come with guns of all sizes and all descriptions. They will bring handguns bigger than anything Clint Eastwood put a sweaty hand on as Dirty Harry. They will bring .50 caliber sniper rifles like the one the Canadian Marine used recently to kill an ISIS terrorist at 2.2 miles. They will bring revolvers, pistols, lever action rifles, pump shotguns, semi-automatic shotguns, tactical shotguns, street sweepers, muzzleloaders, bolt-action rifles, semi-automatic rifles and Dillinger’s. And yes, they will even have grenade-launching shotguns but those aren’t for sale to regular folks, they are strictly reserved for military customers. They will come from all over America, Canada, Britain, China, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Italy and pretty much every corner of the nation to put their hardware on display. Vendors literally bring tens of millions of dollars worth of guns to show off to the world and this year will be no different.

That is unless Las Vegas makes it illegal to bring guns to your hotel rooms at which point chaos will ensue. After all how would you hold the worlds biggest gun show if you can’t bring guns to your room? In fact how could the show go on at all if local or state law puts such a restriction in place? That is exactly the point and the reason those on the left have quietly made the SHOT Show it’s number one target.

This is the big target for Michael Bloomberg and all the fervent anti-gun groups because if they can shut down the SHOT Show by making sure no guns can be brought to the casinos, including several that connect to the Sands Convention Center where the show has been held for years, they can make a huge splash and get lots of headlines for effectively shutting it down. They will also be able to silence one of the gun industries most efficient and prolific voices, The National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The left wing media will gleefully spend hours regaling us with inaccurate and misinformed tales about guns and how the good people on the left were able to stand up for the victims of gun violence which doesn’t even make the top 5 causes of preventable death in the country each year. They of course won’t tell you that because it isn’t a headline they want to promote.

The goal of course is to eliminate the Second Amendment altogether. It is also a way to target white men, as they are most often the killers in mass-shootings. What they won’t tell you is what a history of failure gun control has right here in America. Lets look at Chicago. So far this year, almost 3,000 people have been shot in the Rahm Emmanuel’s Windy City and well over 500 have been shot and killed. Chicago has arguably the toughest gun laws in America but it does nothing to curb or even slowdown the bloody war fought in the streets on a daily basis. Gunshot wounds in Chicago killed more people last month than were killed by the Las Vegas madman. But don’t expect to get those salient facts by tuning to CNN. Those kind of relevant statistics just don’t fit into the drive to reduce America’s private gun ownership to as close to zero as possible.

The best way to showcase that effort and to elevate those fighting against the evil National Rifle Association is to target the SHOT Show. That initiative is already underway and it’s likely the anti-gun crowd may even take their efforts into court. It always makes a big splash when the media can crow about getting the gun folks shut down with lawsuits.

Make no mistake Las Vegas is ground zero in the fight for your Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms and those on the left know it. Now you do too.

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