A cell phone scam is now making the rounds.  A group making the calls is using a computers to mass call.  The end result?  You paying and perhaps big.

Officials say the scam works like this: the phone rings perhaps only once...just enough to register a missed call message.  The scammers are hoping you will be curious enough to call back to find out who it was.  And when you do, you're hit with 900-number rates--20 dollars per call and 9-dollars for every minute afterward.

The cell phone numbers were apparently purchased in bulk for the scheme.  Those with the Better Business Bureau say this one is hitting a lot of people since the call raises no red flags.  They say you often don't realize the cost until weeks later when you receive your phone bill.

Some of the suspect area codes include  268, 284, 473, 809 and 876.  If you get a call from a number from one of these areas, or from someone you don't recognize, you're being advised simply to delete the message immediately and report the scam to authorities.