East Lansing serial killer Don Miller has had nine chances at parole and is up for another interview with the state's parole board this week. The Lansing State Journal reports that Miller will be released in 2031, if he serves his entire sentence.

Miller, 66, is currently a prisoner at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility in Jackson. The last time he was up for parole was in 2016.

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In 1979, Miller admitted to killing four women in East Lansing between 1977-1978. The first victim was Martha Sue Young, his ex-fiancé. Young went missing shortly after ending their engagement.

The other victims were 27 year-old Marita Choquette, an editorial assistant at WKAR-TV, 21 year-old Wendy Bush, and 30 year-old Kristine Stuart. Miller also sexually assaulted 14 year-old Lisa Gilbert and attempted to kill her and her brother, 13 year-old Randy Gilbert.

State police are currently investigating the possibility of another Don Miller sexual assault victim. It's been 42 years since the attack in summer of 1978 and something this mid-Michigan woman will never forget.

The victim, who will not be identified at this time, told the Lansing State Journal that when she saw Don Miller's mugshot from 42 years ago, she knew that was the man who assaulted her.

I saw his face, the old mugshot, and I thought, ‘That’s him. That’s the guy.' It was like in my gut, in the center of my being, I knew that was him. That’s how strongly I feel 42 years later.

In August of 1978, the woman was a junior at Michigan State University and was working three jobs. She was a waitress at Moon's, now known as the Riv on M. A. C. Avenue, a night clerk at one of the residence halls, and a taxi driver.

One night when driving the taxi, she picked up a man around 1:30 in the morning. He asked her to drive him to Waverly but didn't give her a specific location. When the woman asked him for an address, he directed her to the corner of Boynton Drive and Snow Glen Lane where the incident occurred. You can read the full story on the Lansing State Journal.

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