Another group called the Citizen Research Council of Michigan, a non-partisan organization founded in 1916, has come forward to say Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Schauer has not been telling the truth when it comes to Governor Snyder's funding of education.

The Citizens Research Council of Michigan decided to answer the key question, “Is school funding up or down compared to four years ago?"

The facts that the CRC found basically concluded that Mark Schauer is not telling the truth, as all other papers and fact-check groups have also stated. For example, the Detroit Free Press reported in February that state records show Gov. Snyder did not cut funinding. On Sept. 3, the Free Press called out a Democratic advertisement for falsely repeating the claim that Gov. Snyder had cut $1 billion from schools.

CRC found that, “While total state funding is up over $1 billion from FY2011 to FY2015, the increase is almost exclusively earmarked to satisfy school employee retirement costs, specifically legacy costs arising from the financial market downturn and state retirement system reforms.”

So, the question you must ask yourself is, "How can you trust someone who does not tell you the truth before they are elected to tell you truth when they are in office?"