Insurance industry sources say it looks like more changes are coming from the White House regarding the Affordable Care Act.  It's a plan they say that would mandate extension of current policies until beyond the presidential election in 2016.

The move, which is rumor at this point, would allow millions of Americans who have been told their policies were dropped because they didn't meet the new requirements of the new healthcare law.  The President now, according to the unnamed sources, will mandate that those policies--which the administration refers to as junk plans--be extended for three years.

There is no word yet on whether that means the premiums and deductibles of those plans would remain the same as well.

The story is already generating controversy.  Some feel the move is simply political cover for congressmembers facing reelection in this year's mid-term elections, while others say the President knows Obamacare is such a catastophe that he's simply kicking the can down the road for the next president to deal with.

There's been no comment so far from the White House.