Pier One Imports made the hard decision this week when they announced that after 58 years in business, the company has filed a motion with the bankruptcy court to wind down all of its retail operations.

Originally the company said that it would only be cutting 450 of its over 900 shops, well that plan has been thrown out the window, and now Pier One says they will be closing down all of their stores.

I can't even tell you how many times I have shopped there and I have a house filled with lots of fun finds from Pier One. Apparently I should have bought more.

Like so many other retail stores, they are shutting down because they can't keep up with the shoppers online.

So now, once the stores can open and are in compliance the COVID-19, Pier One can begin selling off their inventory.

After they had filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, the company was very hopeful that they would be able to find a buyer to continue the brand, but sadly that did not happen.The company's CEO said in a statement:

Unfortunately, the challenging retail environment has been significantly compounded by the profound impact of COVID-19, hindering our ability to secure such a buyer and requiring us to wind down.

The company started in Texas back in 1962 with only one store, and then it grew into the huge retailer it is today. Heartbreaking to see it close down. I loved shopping there. Dishes, candles, cushions, pictures, wonderful Christmas ornaments, it was a pretty amazing store.

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