When it comes to Michigan, there is a true passion for hunting. Whether you're from a big city like Detroit or Grand Rapids, or hidden away in the most desolate parts of Michigan.

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With that being said, a lot of animals have restrictions on them and what season they can be hunted in. There is a small list of animals that you don't need to wait for a certain season to begin hunting. There are roughly 10 different animals here in Michigan you can hunt for fun year-round.

You Can Hunt These 10 Animals Year Round In Michigan

While, most of the animals that made the list, may not be of interest to an avid hunter, it is an option to explore.

There are 10 animals here in Michigan you don't need to worry about going after at any point in the year.

These 10 have zero restrictions on them. Take a look below and see the animals here in Michigan that you can hunt for recreation at any time here in Michigan.

10 Animals That You Can Hunt All Year in Michigan

After seeing the list, do any of the animals on here shock you? Were you aware of any of these going into this article either?

Do You Know The Law?

Do you know the laws on poaching, permits, and the use of artificial lights when hunting? Before you go out hunting next, take a look at the list below, and do a quick brush-up to verify you understand all the laws when it comes to hunting here in Michigan.

See the list, below:

Michigan's Mandatory Hunting Violation Penalties

Thinking of poaching? Don't. Not sure if you're breaking the law? Check with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) (for hunting laws, click here). Here are 5 violations that come with mandatory penalties, including hefty fines and significant time behind bars.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

More Michigan Hunting Laws and Regulations You Should Know

Heads up hunters new and old, these are just a few Michigan hunting laws and regulations you may have not considered.

Gallery Credit: Jacob Harrison