Not only is it happening at Lansing's Potter Park Zoo, it's happening at several zoos across the United States.

Our friendly and not so friendly zoo animals are getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

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According to the Lansing State Journal:

Out of 20 animals that got the vaccine last week, only one, a lion, got it via shooting dart, a method reserved for more dangerous animals.

On a good note as it stands right now, none of the Potter Park Zoo animals have tested positive for COVID-19.

I remember reading about a house cat that was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and I do believe the cat is doing fine now.

I few of the animals at Potter Park Zoo that received their first dose last week included:

Large Cats.

Non-human primates.

A red panda.


Here's a good questions from the website, what have you heard from other zoos that already begun vaccinating their animals?

I haven't heard anything bad. I do know that they've done safety trials. And I know they did those trials with dogs and cats and demonstrated that you get an autobody response. The American Association of Zoo Veterinarians has a very active listserv, and there is a lot of interest from the veterinarians to know how things are going with zoos that are starting to implement this vaccine.

With people being exposed to COVID-19 and being asked to get vaccinated as soon as possible, keep in mind that animals can be exposed to COVID-19 as well and it's important to keep not only human beings safe, but our friendly pet population along with our popular zoo animal friends.

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