Seems like a pretty safe idea, and a law enforcement official in Ohio may have convinced some bishops of an Ohio Amish sect to add bilking lights onto buggies, to allow motorists to be able to see them better.

Earlier this year here in Eaton County Michigan, we saw a motor vehicle hit a buggy, killing three children.

According to the Ashland Times-Gazzete, Carl Richert from the Ashland County Chief Deputy Sheriff has done work for years with the local Amish communities, in hopes of making their buggies as well as wagons easier to spot for drivers.

Richert does say that the community that agreed for the installment of blinkers, are more modern and liberal than other Amish communities. Richert has been warning some community leaders to begin using reflective tapes and lights on their buggies, before the Ohio Legislature possibly passes a law mandating them.

Already, one local Amish buggy maker ordered about 200 battery-powered blinking lights, and hopes that the community accepts the change.

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