Today I read with sadness another misguided educator making poor choices in the name of diversity and giving the middle finger to America and our culture, language and traditions. Principal Scott Masini in some convoluted gobbelty gook of reasoning has decided to cancel celebrations of Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentines Day.

Like so many left wing ding bats- Masini thinks that somehow by ignoring and eventually destroying the traditions of American society it will be more inclusive to those that have come from different countries and cultures. Let me remind this leftist, they came here voluntarily because they consider America to be the best place to be. Well if it’s a great place, which it is, then why the hell are you trying to change everything? Are you hell bent on turning America into a third world hell hole like many of these immigrants fled in the first place?

I mean here we are in 2016- Bernie Sanders is getting thousands of people to turn out at rallies in support of Democratic Socialism. Really? Do they think that is what will make America a better place? I remember watching people climbing the Berlin Wall, at the risk of being gunned down in cold blood to flee Socialist Oppression. They run across the southern border by the thousands for a chance to be here- America.

It is high time we spoke up and made it clear, American traditions like celebrating Christmas and Easter, Thanksgiving and Valentines Day are important and part of who WE are as a culture.

This is America damn it and it’s time to say so.

In his misguided Marxist thinking Masini put it this way, “I have come to the difficult decision to discontinue the celebration of the dominant holidays until we can come to a better understanding of how the dominant view will suppress someone else’s view”.

Hey, news flash; if they don’t want to be ‘suppressed’ they can choose another country to set their sights on. I’ll bet it’s lovely this time of year in Russia or Greece or Brazil. Get on down the road kids and send us a post card. We will be here getting ready for Cupid to spread his wings and cover our school kids with oppressive calls for love.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune further reports Masini was joined in his outrageous decision to can the holidays by his staff, whom he consulted on the way to trashing America once again. “One of the concerns that I have,” he wrote, “…is whether or not this practice is encroaching on the educational opportunities of others and threatening the culture of tolerance and respect for all.”

How about this jack wagon- how about you teach the kids in your school and classrooms from around the world why it is that they all want to be Americans? Explain clearly it’s because ours is not a third world crap hole with some ten cent dictator. Maybe you could teach them about American exceptionalism and how America stood tall to save the world during two world wars. Explain how America has led the world in innovation and important advancements by the human race in such categories as medicine, communication and transportation.

Maybe you could extract your cranium from your backside long enough to discuss how Americans allowed the world to dream when we landed on the moon in the summer of 1969 and that people like school teacher Christa McAuliffe were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice as an American to move mankind forward.

Maybe you could explain the greatness of people like Dolly Madison, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver or Teddy Roosevelt. You could take a moment and explain that America created National Parks and protected wild creatures long before the world understood game management and protecting species at risk. You could take the time to explain that the industrial revolution came at a cost to the environment but that America has lifted more people out of poverty than any nation in history driven by the greatest liberator of all, capitalism.

And you could top it off by demonstrating with ease that America is by far the cleanest of all industrialized nations in the world.

From there you could correct some perverse misconceptions about this great nation. You could begin by telling the truth about slavery and that a very small percentage of African Slaves ever came to our shores, less than 400,000 of the more than 12 million that came to the Western hemisphere. You could explain that despite inheriting the dreadful practice from the English, French and Spanish that it was America, in fact a Republican, that brought slavery to an end well more than a century before it was officially ended in… Africa.

Maybe you could just tell the truth about America. The sad fact is however is that many misguided leftists like Principal Scott Masini have never bothered to read enough to know the truth if it hit em square in the… nose. Well I do.

If by the way you think I am wrong about a single fact- try me and I will school you too.

This is America- We say Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, Happy Hanuka and whole lot more. I for one am willing to stand up and say so at the top of my lungs.

Make no mistake- America and her traditions are well worth fighting for!

Maybe that’s why we have seen the phenomenon of Donald Trump- I for one understand that I am not interested in apologizing for being a member of the greatest nation and society in the history of the world. God Bless America,