The story of Chris Kyle America’s most decorated military sniper with more than 160 confirmed kills is now an incredible film American Sniper. Directed by Clint Eastwood, it is the Hollywood legends best work yet behind the camera.

The grit and gut wrenching scenes of modern warfare are delivered with an icy cold bluntness. The underlying message of the relentless willingness to fight and squander life in the name of radical jihad should be a wake up call to us all.

The story also makes us take pause to consider whether our choice as a nation to enter into Iraq was wise. It makes us consider if the price was too high and paid with lives too young. Far too many lives or if fight we must to protect the generations to come from religious fanaticism. Those are all things worthy of reflection.

I was taken by another point of the story however. The heart of Chris Kyle took my breath away- an American in every sense of the word. Kyle was a man who put those around him first- on the battlefield and at home.

Watching the film made me proud to be an American and to know that people like Chris Kyle walk among us. For all of you that served with honor, thank you.