Pick your measuring stick. What is it? Is it the flat-lining American economy? Is it America’s lack of leadership in the world? Dealing with scandals like the IRS is that your measure? Whatever you choose there is not one area where Barack Obama has succeeded.

More recently the President fumbled around with our veterans and the benefits for the men and women who have given an extra measure to us all. Instead of focusing on the issue and demanding accountability he…ummm went to a fundraiser. After trading the starting five of Taliban leadership for a guy everyone seems to agree is likely a traitor he again took to the links. That happened after he paraded the deserter’s parents in front of Rose Garden cameras.

Today we evacuated hundreds of American’s from the embassy in Baghdad as ISIS terrorists close in and the President tonight? He is leading a democratic fundraiser with the editor of Vogue Magazine. But hey at least Vice President Biden is on the job. Biden is advancing American foreign policy measures in Brazil at the ummm…World Cup Soccer Tournament.

If I’m wrong about my observations please explain the Presidents accomplishments since taking office in January of 2009.