Are you in need of a new job? Or maybe you know someone else who needs one. Amazon is bringing 1,000 jobs to Michigan.

Amazon will be housing two warehouses that are currently under construction at a former horse track near the Metro Detroit Airport. The building used to be the Pinnacle Race Course which opened in 2008 in the middle of the recession and closed in 2010 after operational losses.

John Enos, the township's community development director, says that construction is moving fast but there are no details of when the warehouse will be completed. They're hoping it will be completed by next summer. One of the buildings will be used for warehousing and the other will be for technology, separation and sorting.

This comes after Amazon's announcement in September of 3,600 new jobs coming to Michigan. Which, Robert Dye, chief economist at Comerica Bank says is good for Michigan's economy.

"Recessions, including the one we are in now, are periods of rapid change in the economy. Amazon is clearly on the favorable side of the accelerated creative destruction that we are now seeing in the economy. Amazon’s expansion in Michigan will provide jobs to thousands of workers who will spend their paychecks in Michigan, supporting their local and regional economies and their local and state tax bases."

The starting wage is $15 and comes with sign-on bonuses. Amazon also has benefits including health, vision, dental insurance, and a 401k. Worried about time off? You'll receive paid time off and holiday overtime pay. If you're interested in learning more about working for Amazon, click here.

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