If you were on Facebook at all last night, or maybe for a second this morning, you probably saw some reports of strange light anomalies in the night sky.

Was it something out of this world, making its way to Earth from a distant planet, or was it something fairly close to home and man-made?

We've got the answer for you.

Did Aliens Really Decide To Stop By Michigan Last Night

You probably happened to glance up last night, and if you did, you probably saw something a little odd in the night sky last night.

The video above is what tons of people not only across Michigan but around the United States saw last night.

It flooded my feed this morning, and I'm sure it also flooded that of your own last night as well.

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble, But It Wasn't An Alien

If you were hoping you had just documented something extraterritorial, you'll have to keep that phone pointed up at the night sky to document something more legitimate.

Those lights in the night sky were nothing more than a Starlink Satellite going up into orbit. You were basically seeing the satellite make its way up into orbit last night.

Even if it wasn't aliens, it is still fairly cool to see these things head up into the night sky.

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