The City Manager of Albion, who has been on paid leave since late January, is now on unpaid leave.

LaTonya Rufus was hired by Albion as City Manager in October, to replace Sheryl Mitchell after she resigned. The Battle Creek Enquirer says that for an undisclosed reason, Rufus was placed on paid administrative leave in January as she was also under a personnel investigation. Now, the Albion City Council has voted unanimously to move her leave from paid to unpaid.

The City attorney recommended to the council the move be taken, but they again didn’t give any details of why Rufus is on leave. The attorney also noted that “further action” could be taken at the City Council’s next meeting on March 4.

Manager Sheryl Mitchell resigned in March 2018, the second time she had done so in less than a year; in October of 2017, she had said she would resign because she felt that city council members were trying to undermine her in her job. However, she rescinded that resignation before it took effect.

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