It's nothing new that putting the phone down away helps you focus better on what you are doing, and a school in Alaska followed through with that theory.

Lumen Christi High School out of Anchorage, Alaska implemented a no cell phone policy.

Teacher Antje Carlson had this to say about the policy, "We noticed kids were distracted, and they didn't focus on what was going on."

What do the students think of this policy, well as you could imagine, they aren't very well enjoying it. "I was bummed at first, I think all of us were. We're really used to our cell phones." This quote is from one student at Lumen Christi

Students can bring their phones into school with them, but it has to stay in their homeroom the entire day, that even includes lunch.

Obviously the teachers are enjoying this policy, getting the attention from their students more easily.

Source: WILX

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