A few days ago an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by police in suburban St. Louis. It is a tragedy but whether or not it was intentional or possibly a crime is a long way from being determined. Unfortunately as happens on an all too regular basis these days because the victim is black the story becomes national and international news. The race baiters come running with dog whistles in hand screaming about the injustice. Injustice? How could anyone know at this point whether justice has been served in a proper way or not?

The Progressive Democratic race merchants led by the so called Reverend Al Sharpton set up their rent-a-riot midway hawker type spectacles with incredible speed and efficiency and preach to any and every camera they can find. They declare America a racist nation and demand ‘justice now’. Despite the fact that few at this point can even begin to know what really happened in Missouri and what justice would really look like.

While the investigation has barely begun the politically correct liberals descend and then something else happens… actual riots erupt with looting, more violence and more people getting shot both civilians and law enforcement.

Nothing says justice I say, quite like stealing color TV’s and bottles of liquor while screaming obscenities at anyone who objects. I mean I am sure the family of the young man who died gets much peace from watching strangers destroy businesses, burn cars and steal outright from people who have nothing to do with any of it. And there’s Reverend Al- a helpless self-promoter, self-righteous charlatan and purveyor of hate right in the middle of the name-calling and finger pointing. Reverend Al and those like him don’t need facts they need gasoline and a fire to throw it on! Sharpton is also a purveyor of the myth that somehow America is a racist nation. A nation he campaigns and claims with a darker past than any other. The truth is America didn’t even have the most slaves in the Western Hemisphere. Did you know that? Can you even name the nation on our side of the ocean that had 6 times as many slaves as America? Sadly most cannot. By comparison Iraq and Iran had many times more slaves than the entire Western Hemisphere combined. Go ahead and check. You have Google right? Do you know what America actually did with a Republican President? That’s right America ended slavery. Period.

Meanwhile a white man described as ‘defenseless’ was beaten into a coma by four teenagers right here in Grand Rapids in May. He lingered in agony for months and then finally died this past weekend.  Scott Simerson was a 24-year-old white man who’d recently become a father. He means nothing to Sharpton and his race baiting goons. His four attackers? Well they haven’t been seen on national TV, they haven’t been charged with hate crimes even though all four are black and their ‘defenseless’ victim was white. Would this be true if roles were reversed? You know the answer.

Al Sharpton and his hate mongers have the national media by their diminutive balls and because it’s an easy grip he doesn’t plan to let go. The question for the rest of the folks who still have common sense and a true sense of right and wrong is why do we allow this to continue day after day and year after year. We know better and yet we don’t say a word. Are we all cowards? I am done sitting quietly.

Al Sharpton is a national disgrace, a bottom feeder, a lowlife, a man who makes his living peddling in vitriolic racist hatred and fueling the divisive fires of race at every turn. Frankly he disgusts me and he should turn your stomach as well. He stands for everything I don’t.

I believe in America, period. Is it perfect? Of course not but it is as close as any nation has ever come. It’s time to stand up for America and defend her!

It’s time to tell the merchants of hate like Sharpton to take their prefab, race riot, America hating racist horseshit and go home. I for one have had enough.

For the families of all victims of violence, no matter their color I am sorry for your pain. I think if we root out the posers and the haters like Sharpton we could actually begin to truly heal such wounds.

We must speak up now to get some long overdue attention. What do you think?