Attorney General Bill Schuette says he respects former Governor Bill Milliken but wonders what he looked at when determining which candidate is better for the office of "top cop" in Michigan.

Claims Totten overstated experience is reporting that not long after Milliken announced in a statement Thursday his support for Democratic AG candidate Mark Totten, Schuette's camp questioned whether Milliken had all the information he needed to make that declaration.

"Attorney General Schuette likes Governor Milliken and respects his service, but seeing that Mr. Totten stakes his candidacy on being a prosecutor, I wonder if Mr. Totten told Gov. Milliken that he has never once convicted a criminal in trial court and never once held a paid job as a prosecutor.  That is the heart of his case for why he is qualified to be attorney general, but it doesn't hold up,"  said John Sellek, Schuette's Campaign Manager.

The "tennis match" continued with a statement from Totten's campaign.

"Yes, Governor Milliken is very familiar with Mark Totten's record as a prosecutor and mastery of the law.  That's why he endorsed him.  To suggest otherwise is an insult to Governor Milliken," Totten Campaign Manger John Keig fired back.

The firm that sent out Milliken's statement, defended the endorsement, regardless of Totten's "work" record.

"The Governor is impressed with his overall experience, not just one aspect of being a prosecutor," Bob Berg said.

Court documents, according to the article, confirm Totten volunteered his time and worked primarily on appellate cases.

The endorsement of Totten on Thursday is just the latest blow to the GOP in the upcoming election.  Milliken also endorsed Democrat Gary Peters over Republican Terri Lynn Land in the U. S. Senate Race.

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