There is just a certain thrill you get from exploring abandoned places such as these. Something that was once thriving with life and business, now sitting with cobwebs and dust.

Its something that has to be odd. To hear no echoing of shoes going down the corridors, or listening to the sound of talking and light music going on around you.

Abandoned Michigan Mall

Now sitting and waiting for the next curious travel, this mall sits empty and vacant of people and life.

Take a look below of what remains of this Michigan mall.

Look Inside This Now Abandoned Michigan Mall

You may not want to venture into some of these abandoned places yourself, and that's fine. Other people will do it for you it seems. *As a caution, always avoid trespassing on private property. Be aware of possible injury as well due to the possibility of an aging structure.*

Take a look below at the original video of the crew exploring the mall.

@artofexploration Strange Michigan Mall with no stores or shoppers inside #deadmall#michigan#mall#abandonedmall♬ Creepy - Ambient

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