Pictured below are the locations of five former Michigan Drive-in Movie Theaters:

131 Outdoor Theater, Plainwell, 166 10th St.
Albion Drive-in Theater, 16462 E Michigan Ave
Alpena Drive-in Theater, US23 @ Bloom Rd.
Auto Theater, St. Joseph, 4023 Red Arrow Hwy
B&D Drive-in, Rapid River, US-2 @ US-21

Many old drive-in theaters are either sitting deserted or have been used for different businesses. The ones pictured below are a mix of those.

It's sad that these 5 drive-ins have vanished, as have almost all the outdoor theaters in Michigan. Luckily, we still have some left. So make sure you visit one of 'em sometime this year, and help keep the remaining ones operating.

It's interesting to look at the satellite photos, as you can see where the rows were where Michiganders used to park to watch the movies.


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