The Michigan boys have found another abandoned doozy.

It's an old mausoleum - with catacombs and a chapel - abandoned since the early/mid-1960s. It sits in the middle of a thick grove of woods, standing like a tower above the trees. Construction for this behemoth began around 1940 by Lester Ellis Woolsey, a doctor and coroner who wanted this as his final resting place as well as a testament to his life.

Supposedly there was room for around 300 bodies, and the mausoleum was advertised as the “Mountain Mausoleum Observatory” in hopes of luring more people to purchase their own family slabs. Dr. Woolsey was born in 1872 and passed away in 1962. He indeed was buried in the mausoleum, but after only a few years, his body was removed and re-buried in another mausoleum in Union Dale, Pennsylvania.

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Because the mausoleum was so secluded, vandals began breaking in and ruining the place. All the bodies (how many is unknown, but somewhere between 70-300) had to be removed and re-placed elsewhere. Trespassers have found bones inside, proceeding to spread rumors that they were from human remains. More than likely they were from animals and the exaggerations flew.

In the 2000s it is now referred to as the Point Mountain Mausoleum on top of (duh) Point Mountain in Hancock, on the border of Pennsylvania and New York. Currently there are no plans for the mausoleum – demolition or otherwise.

The gallery below shows many pictures inside and out...

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