It may be a new year, but that doesn't mean we left the love of urban exploring in 2023.

The love for abandoned spots and locations in Michigan continues into the brand-new year. Some discoveries are even better than what the last discovery was in 2023. We've found another location here in Michigan full of surprises.

Look What Was Found In This Abandoned High School

If you were to stumble upon this Flint High School today, you'd be quite shocked as to what all was left behind inside of it.

There are tons of unused books, and tons of computers, smart boards, and computer screens. See what remains of the school today, below.

Wow! Look What Was Found Inside This Abandoned Flint High School

You'll never believe what was found inside this abandoned high school in Flint.

The school was also full of water bottles, left back from the Flint water crisis. It is sad to think that all of that water has gone to waste and the problem in Flint has still gone unsolved, and only gone quiet.

Though, some of the water bottles inside of the school may have been distributed to some of those in the community, or even used at the school as a substitute for the water that ran inside its pipes.

See the full video below, and tell us your thoughts.

Was this your abandoned school?

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