If you're driving out in the country, chances are, you will run into one of the old schoolhouses that were once a place of learning.

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Some old schoolhouses were transformed into houses, while others were made into historical societies. Unfortunately, the one you're about to see hasn't seen that kind of love.

The Abandoned Fern School House

What remains of the school house today, is mainly just ruble. The outside has the notable old-school house feel, while the inside is falling apart.

It's sad to see the state of this current schoolhouse. It would make a nice transformation into a home if someone were willing to put in the work to restore it. Or, it would be even better for a historical society to claim the old school house and fix it up to its former glory.

Take a look at what remains of the school, below.

Look: The Abandoned Fern School House In Michigan

There's nothing like an old abandoned Michigan schoolhouse. It's sad to see the current state of this one though. Take a look of what remains of this schoolhouse below:
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