An abandoned funeral home, in my opinion, is something rather easy to find. It's odd that a place that we gather in to celebrate life also is found abandoned so often.

Given, this Detroit area funeral home was closed due to some bad practices on the owner's end.

Abandoned Detroit Area Funeral Home

Take a look below at what is left of this funeral home out of Detroit, Michigan. It doesn't seem like a whole ton is left based on the pictures, however, it does appear as if they picked up and left the home.

Take a look below:

Look Inside This Abandoned Funeral Home In Detroit

@urbanexplr260I found an *UNTOUCHED* Abandoned Funeral Home guys 😱 Not only was there caskets left, but also cremations of over 15 different people 😢😳⚰️ Link To YouTube Video:♬ Creepy and simple horror background music(1070744) - howlingindicator

Look At This Abandoned Detroit Area Nursing Home

Closed today because of a class action lawsuit, but once home to our older loved ones. Take a look at what is left of this Detroit area nursing home.

Look Inside This Now Derelict Detroit Area Mansion

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