Those of us who may be barely old enough to remember (I kid...) when the actor Donnie Wahlberg was once a New Kid On The Block and his actor brother Mark was once a guy who called himself Marky Mark and ran around with a Funky Bunch may not have ever considered that one day they would also be giants in the restaurant industry, much less at hamburger restaurants with a cool name like Wahlburgers...but yes, it did happen.

And the good news? It might be happening in East Lansing.

According to, the hamburger chain, which is co-owned by Donnie, Mark and their brother Paul, who is a chef (and by the way, how could you not love this guy after seeing him on their A&E series?) is part of a proposal to develop a six-acre property whose owner, which is the City of East Lansing, auctioned off for a million bucks.

A million bucks...that could buy a lot of delicious Wahlburgers. And hopefully bring the hamburger chain to East Lansing.

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