Have you ever heard a governmental unit turn down money?

For me, that would be a big NO!

I am proud to report that we have found one and even better news that the governmental unit is right here in the great state of Michigan.  The Detroit News is reporting about a Township northeast of Grand Rapids named Cannon.

Cannon Township said thanks but no thanks to both state and federal coronavirus aid.  Why, because they said they do not need it.  They must be run by conservatives. The township supervisor, Steve Grimm said:

“The way we budget, and we have budgeted, we were ready for COVID and we didn’t have any legitimate extra expenses due to COVID that weren’t already budgeted and so we had to respectfully decline to take the money”

The amount of taxpayer funds they turned down from the Feds was not peanuts, they actually turned down $140,000 along with an additional $11,000 from the state.  They did accept approximately $1,000 in coronavirus aid from the state.

Mr. Grimm then went on to say what I would call music to a conservatives ears:

“These governments fall all over themselves to line up for quote, unquote, free money and we just decided what we were going to do is say enough of that is enough... “People are parsing the application and so they’re saying things like, ‘Well, we bought new computers,’ even though they were budgeted”

Praise the lord Steve and hallelujah.

Steve says he is hoping that the township’s actions will inspire others.  Unfortunately Steve my advice is; do not hold your breath.  There are not many people like yourself and those on your board who have the morals and ethics that you guys do.

Congrats and from a taxpayer thank you!

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