Underneath fields and homes in Cass County lies a massive crater, created by a meteor the size of three football fields. You can locate the area, but it’s doubtful you will see any proof of this crater. It’s been given the name of “Calvin”, thanks to being within Calvin Township; the meteor crashed (in what is now Michigan) approximately 450 million years ago, before cavemen or even dinosaurs.

If something of this magnitude crashed today, millions would die and the Northern Hemisphere would be covered in dust and clouds of ash for decades. It would cause worldwide famines, contamination of plants and water, and extreme amounts of dangerous air.

This crater was discovered in 1987 by the Michigan Geological Survey and was measured to be five miles in diameter, lying around 400 feet underground.

You can visit this area – as seen in the pictures below – but don’t expect to find anything. It’s just a rare factoid that Michiganders will hopefully find interesting.

To get more in-depth info on this Michigan meteor crater, CLICK HERE.

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