I received an email today from one of my listeners by the name of Natalie.  I was so impressed by the content of her email and the way in which she spoke from the heart I had to share it with all of you.

Natalie wrote:

Dear Renk,

An old addage says, "Those who protest too much are usually guilty."

I find much interest in those who are speaking out against the release of this memo..... Pelosi, Schiff, Comey, the FBI, the DOJ and the media among others.

These entities have long forgotten they are hired by and work for the American people. They have purposefully mislead the American people for so long they are unable to see their own deceit.

The American people are not as dumb and brain washed as these entities have convinced themselves we are.

Quite to the contrary, the American people banded together and voted in a leader who would place the American citizens first above self interest. Yet the Democrats and the media have spent the last year demonizing that leader as well as the American people.

Yet......this leader has shown time and time again that he is exposing the lies, the deceit, the abuses of power, the corruption we all thought was there but unable to bring to the forefront.

This leader has demonstrated true leadership,. True devotion to our country and to our citizenship. Truly the people's President.

I also find interest in the silence of others.....the ever outspoken Obama.


Do you share her feelings?



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